About Us


Buff Intimates was founded in 2020 with the vision of creating practical products for women who are doing it all. 

Grace Apps Headshot

My name is Grace Apps, I am the founder of buff Intimates. When I started Buff, I had just moved to Toronto Canada to start my career in the corporate tech world. As a

young professional women in my early 20s, I was navigating how to balance work life, social life & dating life. When getting ready for the day, I consistently found myself deciding whether or not I needed to wear my 'nice' underwear, or if I could wear my 'not meant to be seen underwear' (ladies I know most of you can relate).  

Bottom line - Whether working a 9-5, hitting a workout class, going to a bar with friends, or going out on a date, women deserve underwear that has the style and the quality to be worn in any situation, and that they feel confident in whether someone else sees them in it or not.

I spent 2.5 years talking to target customers, and doing industry research to determine what products would be able to check those boxes, while still meeting our goals of sustainability and quality. Our inaugural collection was designed to be able to meet all those objectives and provide the comfort & support for long term wear and agile activity, as well as the cuts & fit to feel confident and sexy.


As sustainability is rising in importance for most consumers (as it should be), Buff Intimates is dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices in all our products. As a small business just starting out, we can't be perfect on the first go. We have started off really strong with sustainable textiles, as well as all sustainable packaging - but we can definitely do better! We're currently finalizing our roadmap and plan that will show our customers the incremental improvements we will make with each new release, that will put us in a place to be carbon neutral in our first 5 years of operations. 

  • Theo bralette on small chests

    For more cleavage: The Theo Bralette

    The Theo bralette is our most minimal coverage bralette and we recommend it for women with small to medium chests. With a low scoop neckline and thicker straps, it will give support and lift for days. 

  • For less cleavage (still great lift): The Myles Bralette

    The Myles Bralette is a great option for those looking for a bralette to wear every day, that still provides and retains its shape and lift throughout the day.